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I Finally Uploaded My Blog...3 Months Late 06.09.2010
A Pleasant Pause In Puno 06.09.2010
Nine Long Hours 06.09.2010
Lots of Big Rocks 06.09.2010
Finding New Muscles That Can Hurt 06.09.2010
Over the Top 06.09.2010
Home Stretch 06.09.2010
Mission Accomplished 06.09.2010
Death By Humidity and Bug Bites 06.09.2010
More Manu 06.09.2010
Sexy Woman and Rodents 06.09.2010
Atuhualpa’s Revenge 06.09.2010
Traveling Eleven and a half Times Zones Away 24.03.2011
Brains, Jains, and Trains 24.03.2011
Silk, Spirituality, but not Sarnath 24.03.2011
Cruising the Ganges 25.03.2011
The Ancient Version of the Internet 26.03.2011
Ordinary Orchha 27.03.2011
Fear and Loafing in India 28.03.2011
The Taj Ma-Who? 29.03.2011
Water, Water, Nowhere, and Not A Drop to Drink 31.03.2011
Jaipur: The Gem City 01.04.2011
Dreams of Pooping Pachyderms 02.04.2011
Armani In India? 03.04.2011
Dodo's in the Desert 06.04.2011
Apathy In Udaipur 09.04.2011
Stranded On An Island In the Middle of A City 11.04.2011
Hiding From Holi 13.04.2011
Sailing Ships and "Safari's" 13.09.2011
Leggo My Legos...On Second Thought, Just Keep 'Em 13.09.2011
Stay Classy San Diego 13.09.2011
Being a Kid Again in St. Louis 14.09.2011
Everything Is Bigger In...Metropolis? 16.09.2011
Stupid Is As Stupid Does? 19.03.2012
Not Tickled About Being Pickled 20.03.2012
A Crusade to Petra 22.03.2012
Desert or Dessert? 23.03.2012
Wonderful Things 24.03.2012
Evolution of a Revolution 28.03.2012
Shooting the Shisha 30.03.2012
A Great Simbel of Egypt 02.04.2012
Seth On the Nile 05.04.2012
Temples On Top of Temples 09.04.2012
Aliens in Abydos? 15.04.2012
The Big Valley 19.04.2012
Despite the Cold, It's Always Warm in Sharm 26.04.2012
The Land of the Confederacy and the Home of the Braves 10.10.2012
From Couch To Kili 23.03.2013
An Immodest Disposal 25.03.2013
Hitting the Wall 27.03.2013
The Woes of Kilimanjaro 30.03.2013
Ngoing to Ngorongoro 01.04.2013
Bush Business 06.04.2013
Wild Junk 07.04.2013